BRAliBase: Benchmark RNA Alignments.

The plethora of tools for ncRNA analyses is often overwhelming for both biologist and bioinformatician. We aim to provide benchmarks that show the conditions that current bioinformatic approaches work well. We also hope to provide incentives for improving our ncRNA analysis toolkit for problems such as structure prediction, sequence alignment, homology search, phylogenetic modelling and ncRNA gene-finding.

BRaliBase I:

Benchmarking secondary structure prediction algorithms. Published in Gardner PP & Giegerich R (2004).

BRaliBase II:

Benchmarking alignment algorithms. Published in Gardner PP, Wilm A & Washietl S (2005).

BRaliBase III:

Benchmarking homology search algorithms. Unpublished.

RNA tools:

Articles on RNA analysis tools can be viewed at Wikiomics. This includes an extensive list of software tools.

An out-of-date set of links to RNA sequence analysis tools can be viewed here.

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